Do you need help?

Every now and then it's perfectly normal to get stuck or to feel like you aren't progressing as quickly as you had expected. If you've recently hit an impasse in your technique or practice in general, it may be time to consider me as your personal consultant. I am here to help!

What do you get as a PREMIUM VIP Club Supporter?
By joining my VIP Club at the premium tier, you'll not only get ongoing critique support and a special role in my Alfred Potter Guitar Discord, you'll also gain access to the private download site FULL of regularly updated content, such as:

- Exclusive videos
- Jam tracks
- Album art concepts
- Recording resources
- TABs for bonus licks, riffs, etudes, exercises, warmups, full solos + more
- VIP-only "Practice Routines" ebook PDFs
- Access to the "Killer Scale Runs" video course

So, how does the ongoing critique support work?
Upon signing up as a premium VIP Club supporter and becoming a member of my Discord
, you can then send occasional videos for critique where I will tell you what to fix (and how), along with bespoke exercises tailored to you and your challenges. If you have come to trust me and my teaching style, know that I won't let you down. We can work together to make you into a fantastic guitarist.

$12 per month subscription